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HEY! new layout and stuff,now you don't have to scroll to see the new updates (and the text is more readable.thanks to magnum for the help). I did manage to get a less sucky setup for this (im now using atom instead of notepad++ so this post maybe a little janky in terms of format),so things should be slightly more easier to edit and get up and running.Now that has been said um.... I might not update here until like end of june early july because yestarday basically ended with my mom catching wind of the trans thing and i just don't feel comfortable updating anything.That being said though,i did come up (or more accurately revised ) with a bail plan which uh ,sad to say that its really only possible via my aunt and uncle (i hate both of them for very specific reasons but that's another post) stepping up and actually doing something for my graduation.That plan being using the money and possibly a dev kit to get as many google certificates as i can,applying for a position at google and then bail.This is a very,VERY risky gamble and so many things can go wrong,but this is my best option no matter how you look at it.So i guess whenever i do make another post we'll see what happens. this is gonna go so poorly

Ay first post on the new domain and this month! and uh...this current setup kinda sucks,but im slowly working on that.So to follow up with the previous post,stuff did calm down so i should be able to actually make use of this domain and make a page that isn't the blog soon...ish,really im just waiting to for my mom to make a move before i throw myself into a situation i can't exactly back out of ,so im just in a limbo-ey state at the moment (a really painful one cause well ya know) .In regards to future updats i think im going to update the sninkygle one first and then just go back and forth between the two,so that way i can just have a little fun and still utilize both of them...and yeah i don't really know what to say outside of "wow the world decided to jump on in this dumpster fire huh?" and as a result people are now jumping on the train of "cat is a gender" for some reason .Like just say you're a furry cause oof, and like i thoguht it was a joke by 4chan and people just kinda jumped on it,but uh no this is a real thing as well as bug-gender.Stuff like this makes me glad that i don't have any social media outside of discord.